The Rise and Fall of an Empire Superstar

Who wears MAGA caps, beats up a black gay male of a hit Fox series and tells police they were paid by the black gay male? Right. The co-conspirators of the black gay male, Jussie Smollett.

It certainly looks grim for the rising star. Nothing points to an innocent verdict and initially, and I’m so surprised I feel this way, I felt sorry for the guy.

Seeing the cameras and microphones following him after making bail, my heart went out to him. This is very unusual for me when there’s premeditation. To make this even more strange, even for me, I knew he was lying from the beginning and still I felt for him. When it was reported that no one saw it, not even the cameras, I was punched square in the gut with the truth.

Why feel pity for a liar, one may ask. Well, first off, he made a very, very bad decision. With all the time and planning he had to make it successful, he didn’t. It was so poorly thought out, it’s embarrassing. A co-worker expressed that it was stupid, to which I agree. However, we have all, most probably, been on the same side of stupid with some of our own choices. It’s akin to sin, you know? No sin is greater than the other and we’re all guilty of it. Sin is sin. Stupid is stupid.

Co-worker goes on to say it was greedy also. Well, who’s not guilty of that? Like Jussie, I simply want all of this to go away. It’s painful to hear the story unfolding, to learn just how poorly planned this was. No one asked him to do it, that we know of. He readily volunteered, paying a measly $3500 to each co-conspirator and this is how it turned out. Had he given me the opportunity to work with him on this, I would have asked for more to help plan it better. All parties involved did everything wrong. You don’t plan and become involved in a felony for $3500. You see the other component to the embarrassment?

Here’s the other kicker. Whether you realize this or not, there are particular crimes blacks are guilty of and white people commit another set of crimes. 9 times out of 10, when reporters tell a story, before any names are given, we know what race was involved. I know it sounds bad, maybe even racist. Trust me, I do but it’s one of those terrible facts of life. When it’s hard to identify however, blacks, and perhaps whites too, hope their race was not involved. We hold our breath, hoping one of our people didn’t go do something to bring shame on the race. Well, the gay community can join in now because Jussie has put them on the map. Again, I know this all sounds divisive but this is America and while we’d like to think we are better than that, we aren’t. The gay community is probably like, “What the fuck, Jussie? Why?” Right now, they are wishing he was just black and not gay at the same time. And to be honest, blacks don’t want to claim him. It’s too embarrassing. But we won’t totally abandon him. We’ll talk about it and once the judge throws the book at him, we’ll want a white man’s sentence. You know, house arrest or something in that realm.

The other twister, so far, Jussie’s holding fast to his innocence. The problem with this is nobody believes it but him. Imagine my disappointment to have wasted emotions on this dilemma he volunteered upon himself. I’m so done with investing myself in Hollywood drama. Until it happens again.

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