Give Nancy Pelosi A Hand

I imagine Nancy Pelosi has her hands full and is consistently on deck trying to save the ship from sinking. She has more years behind her than ahead and she’s not one to be messed with. Those young women who won congressional seats can learn much from her seniority on Capitol Hill.

Very recently, Trump learned the power of Nancy and then he got the famous hand clap from her. One that will go down as part of both their histories. There will be so many stories to write on the current president and interestingly enough, that hand clap will be embedded in both their narratives.

During a press conference just after the government shutdown ended, I liked how reporters tried to draw Nancy in with questions to reply with disparaging comments about Trump. She simply responded with, “You’ll have to ask him.” It must be nice to be rich and still graceful. There being so much contention on The Hill, I think we should give Nancy a hand for clapping at all.

Not only did Nancy applaud the State of the Union address, she was attentively reading, perhaps Trump’s speech? I kept wondering what was she so engrossed in and was it keeping her from falling asleep. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve noticed when the Union is addressed, even Trump starts sounding bored. For a moment, I felt bad for him. That he wasn’t allowed to be his authentic self but I suppose sticking to the script earned him the hand clap, which is a very special thing, by the way.

I wish I’d devised that same response to a few situations I’ve been in. Perhaps give a just because applause. You know, like a Hallmark card.

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