Trying to Get Close and Personal with Jared Kushner

If you think like me, it’s my wholehearted belief that Jared and Ivanka are the chicest couple in DC politics. I feel both proud and baffled whenever I see them. They resemble models out of Vogue Magazine and I can’t help but to stop and re-channel my energy toward them when I catch them on TV.

Jared Kushner by Sophie Mack aka Portrait Chiq

I love how Jared always looks like the cat that swallowed the canary and the mouse. Jared is so…what’s the word? It’s not suave. Maybe sleek is more fitting. Jared dresses immaculately and is, quite perhaps, one of many people I’m both curious to know but disinterested in at the same time. I don’t know how that happens. Though more importantly, I thought it was significant to freeze this rare moment in time of one of our prominent execs of this oval office. We won’t see this face again, unless he goes to the big house.

There must be exponential stress to be Jared right now. Running the family business and meeting foreign leaders all over the world is only for the exceptional. It’s been said he listens mostly in the meetings. I’m sure he’s learning a lot even after 2 years. I tell you what though, streaking is a good response to that type of pressure.

I’m almost certain Jared has performed this activity on the Trump grounds. Probably on all of them. Surely he doesn’t wear skinny leg suits all the time.

He’s been such a lucky man to be part of the Trump family. Up until now. Or maybe he’s still lucky, though he has obstacles to overcome. We’re so fortunate to be living in a time where Jared can be in charge of…what again?

I think it’s so cute how Jared and Ivanka get to work together. I wonder if they do lunch together or have quickies in their offices. The latter question, in case you’re wondering is a valid line of questioning. In a society where everything winds toward being the social norm, I need to know whether to tell Boyfriend to swing by in case I get hot and bothered at the job. I don’t want to be out of compliance. I want to be up on things, especially where the First Family is concerned, which is 24/7, right?

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