Getting Personal

Taking the Show on the Road

I’m in the midst of preparing for a show, possibly in June. My framer, oh my God, I really need him to cut me a break. I have several pastel pieces, one of which you see here and quite a few black and whites.

I’m not typically nervous about anything and even though June is a few months away, I’m anxious and actually feeling a little close to crazy.

You see, I’m juggling work, school and, I suppose you could say, launching a side hustle. I haven’t even had time to set up my payment buttons on this site. Like, how? Not only that, I’m so busy prepping for the show, I had to cut back on gossiping. It really sucks. You just don’t know!

Aaliyah in pastel 18×24

Boyfriend is funding my little endeavor, so I’m doing whatever it takes to keep him happy. By no means am I subservient but I’ve been pissing him off lately, without trying.

I didn’t realize his mother was still on the line when I flipped over to my BFF last week. I was so shocked at what Boyfriend told me I said about his mother, I couldn’t recall anything he confronted me with. I just froze. And technically, since I couldn’t remember and there was no recording, I was unable to confirm what she told her son was true. Then, like he always does, he ended the argument with, “See, that’s why we’re stuck right here.” That pretty much means I’ve been screwing up and the reason he won’t marry me.

One time, I hauled off and said, ” Well, get unstuck, motherfucker!” I said it loud, which meant I meant that, okay? But when he raised that left brow at me, I apologized real quick for calling his mother a rigid crust, scissor lips and something else I don’t want to remember. It was really embarrassing.

Interestingly enough, it seems the last couple of times I requested funds for supplies or something else I actually wanted to spend the money on, he gave me that look again. You know, like the well is about dry. I really don’t like that. I hate asking for something¬† already promised. He was the one who brought up the idea of giving me the money in the first place. It was after some intense body language on my part but still. It’s not like I was holding a gun to his head for a tube of paint.

Anyway, since Boyfriend is financing me, he’s not putting in his 2 cents but 22 is more like it. So Babe, what you need to do is get you some related products for cash and carry since you’re offering a service…Babe, you should…Take a look at this…Naw, there you go not listening. Again!

He’s out of town for work now. He just left this morning but I miss him.

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