WTF Tamar

I’ve been a longtime fan of Braxton Family Values on WE TV. I’ve watched Tamar Braxton, the youngest sister of Toni Braxton, rise to making a name for herself to this slow and downward spiral of being the very, very very angry black woman. In looking at a clip of Big Brother, I’m more convinced it’s emotional instability. Let me also say, I don’t think it’s all about being on television. For some reason, and perhaps only Tamar knows, or quite possibly not, her core is in need of an intense detox.

Now, she is 40ish, so what we are witnessing could be a plot thickening midlife crisis. I don’t want to be too hard on her but I have so many unanswered questions. After all, she is rich and has resources the average woman doesn’t have. There is a child to whom she will leave her legacy. Though, what’s of vital importance is the behavior she models for the child. Granted, I do enjoy myself a little thuggery and bitch drama occasionally. It’s the stuff good TV is made of for my generation. I’m just thankful I’m stable enough to enjoy it.

If you’ve watched The Braxtons from the beginning, however, what we see now has always been what we’ve gotten from Tamar. I sort of rooted for her in the background, thinking quite possibly that she may be misunderstood. The sisters were jealous of her rising fame and ganging up on her. She has deep church roots. And yes, she is the baby girl. BUT! She’s over 40 now. Baby and girl are no longer appropriate nouns in which she can or should be described.

I want so much for her to show up for herself and give a better representation; to, as The First Lady says, be best. Whatever the hell that campaign is all about, I want Tamar to jump on that bandwagon and ride it into the sunset. Fighting on TV, Tamar? You can’t buy class with one dollar or a million, can you?

If only Iyanla had fixed her life, perhaps she would no longer be a difficult artist and show kindness toward herself with sincerity. I mean, all the hard work she put into building her career as a singer would have brought her back to center stage instead of dwindling into a reality star. I’m not sure at all why that was a toss up.

It’s so very interesting how people define relevance and the lengths they’ll go to maintain it. Instead of going to a third world country to be filmed feeding the hungry or building houses from recycled materials, people actually allow us inside their world to exercise their demons. There’s nothing like getting paid. I get that living isn’t free. I just thought after Tamar went from blond to bald, she’d discover that woman who wasn’t so emotionally violent toward herself. Not that we’d see her transformed into an angel but…you know…something! Shit!

What is so very, very clear to me is why Toni loathes being a part of her family. She’s admitted herself she could have risen higher had it not been for her ratchet siblings and her mother making her responsible for them. I’m sure it has become a hindrance to her gold-digging as well but I totally empathize with her. To take a potential mate around all those conflicted hormones, oh my gawd! They do too much.

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