Getting Personal

Pondering Amy Winehouse

Sometimes our human frailties bring us to tragic ends. I’ve always had a propensity toward the fallen, outcasts and borderline eccentric. When the end cuts into the height of fame, those left behind are filled with questions and longing for their presence. Those of us who only knew them through celebrity rag mags actually miss their potential and the connections we’ve claimed. What could have been becomes forever illusive.In my findings, addiction and mental illness often co-exist. Psychologically,
addictive personalities have a dramatically disrupted hierarchy of needs, suggested by their tendency to act against their own self-interests.  It is a dark and lonely place that poses limitations and violates the center.

Amy Winehouse was one such figure we treasured. The fluidity of her sound came so effortlessly. Such a raw and pure songstress. I’d also been drawn to this unstaged persona that left me curious and liberated, yet concerned . She came on the scene and left so soon, it was as if she was a mythic figure from the annals of rock music.

Believe it or not, we have a responsibility to one another and the land we inhabit. We become poor examples of humanity when we choose to think and act otherwise. Imagine your gift cut short as you slowly deteriorate before millions instead of the few people who profess to love and care for you. Imagine being larger than you ever thought you could ever be. What and who would you take with you? And why do you think that would be enough?


  1. I just read another blog post with topic of the infamous 27 club. I believe Amy Winehouse was part to that.

    I too feel your sentiments. Such a talent gone too soon. I think that’s one of the downsides of being an musician/artist. You feel things too deeply(well in contrast to the general population) and you feel too much pain. It’s sad that the only way she saw out of this pain was to go early.

    Again amazing picture and great blog post😊

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