The Royal Rift – Some Say It Ain’t So

I just watched the royal wedding again on YouTube and I still can’t get over that gorgeous dress Meghan wore. I’ve deliberated on the possibility of going to one of these fashion schools to have one commissioned by a student. No, my boyfriend of 3 years hasn’t broached the subject of saving either of us from fornication but I thought I might plant a seed by wearing it to the movies, out in the park or around the apartment to lure his mind in that direction.

I liked Kate’s wedding dress too but it looked bland after seeing Meghan’s. Kate actually looked like she belonged on top of a wedding cake, she was so skinny and majestically perfect.

Time has flown since Kate and William married. He started balding around 12, which may have drawn Kate to him in the first place and I continue to be ever so curious about her diet. I never see anyone that perfectly thin. Every time I see her image, I feel so hungry for her, I simply start chewing and swallowing hard even though nothing’s in my mouth.

There have been ample rumors floating that Meghan and Kate don’t get along. One could expect the rumors and the rift. Fresh blood has a tendency to interrupt the norm and Meghan definitely comes with a strong mindset and her own set of baggage. She’s the typical lively American girl who’s expressive, with her own ideas about racial identity and women’s empowerment. She’s also had to strengthen her resolve to separate from the family riffraff on her paternal side.

On another note, it’s been said that William is the one giving Meghan the royal cold shoulder. I can see that, though I still fancy his highness. If I had to choose, I’d marry him before Harry. He just seems safer but I feel certain a relationship with him is like reading the bible, which always sends me into a deep sleep.

Harry, like Meghan, has high energy. He’s a party animal and his rugged handsomeness is so darn sexy, I imagine he’s quite acrobatic in ways it’s improper for me to mention here. I’m crossing my legs and blushing at the thought.

I must say though, I’m a little nervous at the thought of Meghan and Harry’s union, even with a baby on the way. It was the Lifetime movie that did it for me. I mean, those characters had such strong resemblance to The Royal Family, it felt as if everything depicted was true. Meghan was highly emotional, going back and forth with Harry. Do I want you? Do I not? She exhausted me, actually.

However, I think the alleged bickering will dissolve at the birth of Meghan and Harry’s baby. They’ll gush over that baby, both at the palace and public. Ultimately, all this public gossip will become minor and we’ll see photos on the cover or People Magazine with the two Duchesses engaged in playful shenanigans, like Meghan trying to stuff cake down Kate’s mouth during a food fight.

Disclaimer: You may see many portraits of  Duchess Meghan. For one, she’s stylish, not to mention gorgeous but I also love her perpetual look of asking a question. Or is she just surprised by everything? I can’t tell.


  1. I too am very curious about what Kate’s diet is. It is such a struggle keeping a good healthy figure much more keeping such a thin figure such as hers. It is probably a balance between strict dieting and strict exercising.

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