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We Want a Wall! We Want a…

The chants reverberate behind waving American flags and it’s a record-breaking crowd like you’ve never seen in the history of America. The icy chill of the winter’s edge is not enough to deter the patriots that flew, walked, drove, rode, crawled, skated and rolled from across the nation. News anchors are in awe as they cover the story because, finally, there is no disputing the love for this steel structure to divide good Americans from what is on the other side. The war will finally be over. For sure, no one will be determined enough to climb it to experience the land of freedom.

The faint tune of He’s a Jolly Good Fellow plays in the background. The faithful pink faces hum along, with brown ones in scattered sections, all wearing tall red, white and blue hats like Uncle Sam. They close their eyes, meditating with thoughts of ‘I want you,’ the wall a blurred visual in their minds. No matter. It is beautiful, the most beautiful act America can do for Americans.

Everyone who is anyone, if they did not know before, now understands the greatness of a single man who is able to accomplish what so many failed prior. The praise enlarges him. His chest becomes so bloated, he careens forward. A man wearing dark shades swiftly elbows him back to an upright position. Then suddenly, the air deflates, sending thin plastic zig zagging into the air above the crowd.

All heads arch upwards, following the suited plastic that flies swiftly above them, as it gets smaller and smaller. There is screaming and wonderment simultaneously. The air becomes hot as the plastic dissipates to the size of a baseball and finally disappears amid gasps, landing on a pile of warm dog shit.

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