The Unraveling of Toni and Birdman

I just don’t know what happened. But after his financial woes were revealed to the public, did we not see this coming? When everyone looked at them as Beauty and the Beast and asked why Toni the gorgeous Braxton was with Birdman, I was rooting for them. You see, I can completely identify with being a pretty sexy thing with someone who didn’t look very appealing.

At that particular time in my life, I was feeling less than beautiful, inside and out. I was sharp at the tongue and constantly bitching. I’d pass by a mirror in my own joint and find that I was rolling my eyes at myself. Worse yet, I remember clearly thinking as I stared back at myself, “Whatchu looking at?!” I wasn’t on any kind of prescription either.

And don’t let it be that time of the month! I was eating incessantly, crying at the least thing and sleeping a lot. It was actually one of my girlfriends that got me out of my funk. We went to a little club because she was horny and wanted to ho’ hop. Being on my cycle, I knew I wouldn’t be going there. I sat at the bar with a tampon and pad on because I didn’t want to keep popping up to check myself. I was halfway sleep after the first drink anyway. Then this dude, Rod, introduced himself. He looked better after the second drink and was a gentleman, just as Toni described Birdman.

Rod adored me. He cooked me breakfast and dinner. He even sent me and my girls to lunch on a prepaid Visa card. He sent me flowers on the job and had everyone ogling over them. It was…annoying.

Naturally, there was no engagement, nor did I introduce him to my family and he didn’t buy me a diamond ring that I could allegedly lose and hock for money either but we kicked it for at least 3 months. I actually felt sad for him that I had to let him go but I didn’t want to be sad with him, know what I mean?

Like Toni tweeted, ‘Choose to be chosen.’ I so agree with that. Rod wasn’t chosen and I wanted that for him from somebody who wanted him. I just wasn’t in my right mind and Toni? Well, after the money was gone, perhaps so was the love. I’m not sure if Toni is looking for the happily ever after as deeply as she is an ATM. But I get it, girl. I totally get it.

Meanwhile, Tamar has threatened anyone who comes for her sister, Toni. 3-2-1-. Girl, bye.

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